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April 2, 2013

This other blog called Diva Devotee

Filed under: Music nerd discussion — Lauren @ 6:21 pm

Has a category called “Vocal Profile” which contains the range, description, & personal analyses of a whole slew of female vocalists, most of whom I have no interest in due to their chosen music genre, but there were a few I am familiar with.   The blogger has some spelling & punctuation problems, but the content itself is pretty interesting.

Alison Goldfrapp – the ethereal-sounding singer of Goldfrapp, which recorded “A&E.”

Kristin Chenoweth – I only knew of her from Pushing Daisies.   I don’t like her voice, but her entry is fascinating.   Lyric coloratura soprano?   Holy crap, what is that?

Gwen Stefani – I can’t STAND her voice.   But it was still an interesting analysis.

Lana Del Rey – I like her.   I didn’t consider her much of a singer.   But the profile sounds pretty serious!

Enya – I guess you can tell she’s got less than 2 octaves.

Eva Cassidy – Now I gotta go back & listen to my Eva Cassidy stuff.

Nelly Furtado – The only voice I find more annoying that Nelly Furtado’s is Nicki Minaj.   I’m amazed she even has an entry on this blog.

Sarah Brightman – She’s got to be on everyone’s favorites list.   The analysis is surprisingly short.   Shorter than Nelly Furtado’s.

Fergie – All I knew about Fergie was that she once peed herself onstage & also did a really horrible halftime until I heard her on Slash’s album singing “Beautiful Dangerous.”   Now I think she’s a bad ass.

Nicki Minaj – omg, she’s in here.

Hayley Williams – I’m pretty sure this is that chick from that band that I don’t really like because they sound like noise, but I think her voice is kick ass.

Amy Winehouse – I didn’t realize she had 3 octaves.

Katy Perry – Ok, I would have thought she had 3 octaves.

Collection of male vocal ranges – for KK.

Toni Braxton – Always liked Toni Braxton, however, the only music I have by her is an “Unbreak My Heart” cd single.

Sarah McLachlan – Vocal negative: tendency to yodel.   HAHAHAHA

Celine Dion – I’m not totally clear what “nasal” sounds like.

Leona Lewis – LOVE her voice.

Ellie Goulding – Only recently heard of her in “Lights,” but there is just something about her voice when she flips fast notes that I like.

There are definitely more, but I’m out of time.   If you click on the “Vocal Profile” category at the bottom of each review, it will show you the entire list of everyone that has been reviewed.   Enjoy!


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